Automation in the machines has led to the worldwide development. There are so many types of machines which are equipped with different types of motors for improved performance and efficiency. The quality of motor installed in the machine determines its efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to have the machine that is least expensive and made to self start then split phase motors are the best. This type of motor doesn’t have capacitance in the auxiliary circuit. In this, the phase shift is achieved by the use of narrow conductors.

The multi speed motors

Split phase motors are also known as SP motors and are known for giving multiple speeds to the machines. You can set the speed of your machine with the appropriate control unit installed in the machine. This type of motor is used in the clothes dryers, air conditioners, mixer grinder, vacuum cleaner and more. It is basically for the general purpose loads which are belt driven, conveyors or others.  It doesn’t provide the starting torque so the mechanical support which is provided by the small belt driven load to start the motor.

Characteristics of split phase motors

Split phase motors have the start and the run windings which get energized for operations when the motor is started.  This type of motor is operable at the constant speed under various load conditions. This adds an advantage to the different types of machines.  This motor is rated from 1/20 to 1/3 hp at 120/240-V AC. The speed range of this motor is from 865 to 3450 rpm. Various models of split phase motors are available hence you can choose the most compatible motor for your machine.

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