Horse bedding is one of the most integral parts of a stall that is used to absorb moisture and urine. It is crucial to maintain and keep stalls clean at all times.

wood pellets

Pellet bedding is ideal for the stables especially with tight space constrains since storing the wood pellets takes very less space than the other alternatives. One bag of the wood pellets generally takes only 1.5 cubic feet of storage space. However, it gets expanded after proper wetting.

Ideal eco bedding for horses makes cleaning up the messes very easy and is easier to store. Today, wood pellets have become the top choice for horse beddings among stable and horse owners for numerous reasons.

Making horse bedding from Wood Pellets

  • You will require pair of scissors, bucket of water, and bag of softwood pellets. Get started by laying bags spaced out on floor where you require your horse bedding.
  • Carefully cut cross shape in plastic using scissors and tuck flaps inside the bag.
  • Pour water in the opening. While cold water will work well, warm water will accelerate the entire process a bit.
  • Let the water to be absorbed in the pellets completely. You will see that it gets expanded to around 4 times of the original size. Once the absorption gets completed, flip the bag and dump out fluffy sawdust and rake it in even bedding.

Overall, wood pellets are made up of kiln dried and densely compacted fibres making them ideal for horse bedding. With the above steps, you are sure to use it perfectly.

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