Few people know how much plastic is produced every year and how little is recycled. Also, people are usually unaware of the negative impact that this material has on the environment and fail to understand the necessity of recycling it as much as possible. Yearly, USA alone produces so much plastic that it would be possible to shrink-wrap Texas using it. Some of the quantity is then recycled, but it still represents only 27 percent of what was initially manufactured.

Plastic brings some advantages, as it is lightweight, flexible and can be used in a large variety of applications, but the drawback is that for manufacturing this material a lot of fossil resources are consumed and thousands of years can pass by until plastic biodegrades.

  1. Before recycling plastic, make sure that the items are clean – Don’t recycle an item until it is clean, as you risk contaminating the entire bale, making it impossible to recycle thousands of plastic items that were previously collected.
  2. Look for the resin identification code : If you turn the plastic item over, you will see that it has a triangle and also a number marked on it. The number is called the resin identification code and is very important because it tells you the type of plastic that the object contains and it allows you to check if your municipality accepts that type of plastic.
  3. Code : If you are interested in waste pvc recycling, you should look for plastic recycling company. Usually, piping, shampoo bottles, windows, siding, window cleaner bottles and clear food packaging are made of this type of material

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