It is the right of every employee or worker to have safe and healthy working environment, so that they do not face any type of health problem. There are many people who work at such places where the use of chemical energy and radiation is very high. Due to high use and exposure of this chemical energy many health problems can occur. Some of them are beryllium diseases, cancer, silicosis and many more. These all problems are very dangerous and if not treated on time can even lead you to death. So, if you don’t want to face any such problem then you must claim for compensation as per the EEOICPA program which stands for Energy employee’s occupational illness compensation program act.

Get medical benefits by showing medical evidence

This act was launched by US government in order to provide compensation to the affected workers or survivors so that they can treat themselves. In this program, lump sum amount of $150,000 is paid to the workers and along with this additional medical benefits are included. But, in order to get these benefits you must be approachable for it or should be suffering from cancer among 22 recognizable cancers. There are many benefits included in Part B Radiation Exposure. All the problems which are mentioned above come in part B of EEOICPA act. But, in order to get all the medical expenses and other benefits, you must have medical evidence to show. After this, you will be given all the benefits. These evidences should be provided by medical professionals and specialists.

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